Italian Kitchen @ Two Twenty

Italian Kitchen@220 is focused on giving its customers authentic, homestyle Italian food. While we no longer offer dine-in, our chef is still busily preparing food in the kitchen every day for takeaway. From our homemade arancini, our signature slow-cooked beef Ragu sauce, to our prawn and pesto pasta; we strive to give variety and flavour. On the weekends we prepare the slow-cooked BBQ spare ribs until they are falling off the bone, ready to fill your table and share with friends. We are committed to using local ingredients and strive to create dishes that we can be proud of. Our house-made beef ravioli is one of those stand-out dishes that take time and commitment to prepare, but all who try will say the time was well worth it. Our dough is made fresh every day and our Pizzas are well known, as we have been serving the Greenwith community for the last 22 years. We are committed to quality ingredients and fresh Italian flavours which we can pass on to you six days a week.

Dear Customers, Thank you for ordering directly, and supporting local business. We are committed to hiring locals and using as much local producers as possible.

Team Italian Kitchen @ 2020